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Tuesday January 31, 2006 4:33 pm

WoW 1.1 Details

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: MMORPG, PC,

WarcraftAlthough I don’t play World of Warcraft, and have never gotten pulled into it, I know there are millions of people out there who do. As such, I’m certain we have some readers who play the game and are curious as to what updates will be included in the 1.1 patch.

1Up has an interview with the game’s lead developer that covers features that will be in the update. What follows is a summary from 1Up. If you’d like to read the full review, be sure to make the jump.

The first of the upcoming changes is the redesign and reset of the Priest talent tree. As Paladins were reset recently, so too can priests reallocate their talent points to whatever branch or combination of that they wish. The second adjustment is the ability to upgrade your “blue” dungeon armor sets. The screenshots we’ve gathered highlight the tooltips that pop when you mouse over the gear, revealing the stat upgrades and bonuses you get from having complete armor sets. Each of these blue armor sets can be upgraded by completing a series of soloable and raid-sized party (5 people) quests. The last new feature the patch will introduce is the addition of weather effects.

Yep, Weather Effects! 1Up’s got pictures.

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Gallery: WoW 1.1 Details

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