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Thursday August 17, 2006 12:45 am

Wii Say Goodbye to Sonic WildFire, Hello to Sonic & The Secret Rings

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Action, Rumors, SEGA, Wii,

Sonic for WiiIn yet another piece of news that was quickly censored by major videogame companies, Gaming Age reported today that the upcoming Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii will now be named Sonic and the Secret Rings. Later, SEGA asked Gaming Age to remove this news from their site, but thanks to the power and beauty of the internet, the name can still be found on other major venues including Cubed3.com.

Censoring the fact that a black Wii is coming I can sort of see, but the name for a game? Come on guys - you haven’t even let us see enough screenshots to know what to think of this game, and the title really isn’t giving anything away. A Sonic game that features rings? Wowee! I never would’ve guessed.

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