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Tuesday January 17, 2006 4:38 pm

Teachers Consider Using Video Games in School

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: Culture,

Teacher Using Video Games59% of teachers surveyed in Mori Poll said that they’d consider using games in their classes to educate students. While we don’t have any previous data to compare these new findings to, they’re still very significant. An increasingly high number of people play video games, more and more of them recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games. Furthermore, even people who don’t regularly play video games are coming to understand games have such benefits through word of mouth - that is, from other people talking to them about games.

While I don’t expect students to begin playing Grand Theft Auto in classrooms around the nation, there’s high potential for other games. Back in the day on the NES, educational games such as ones that featured the Sesame Street license weren’t unheard of. Maybe we’ll begin seeing more educational titles as a result of this study. Still, I’ll be the first to jump up and say that I played Oregon Trail back in elementary school, over 10 years ago. Who knew fending off small pox could be so much fun?

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