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Thursday January 19, 2006 8:19 pm

Subway’s Jared Blames Nintendo for Weight Problems

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: Culture, Nintendo,

Subway JaredSurely the name Jared Fogel rings a bell. Jared’s the guy that’s been featured in just about every Subway advertisement over the last ten years, who boasts about how much weight he lost from eating at Subway. In total, he lost over 250 pounds since he changed his eating habits.

Before he lost that weight, he weighed in at a grand total of 425 pounds. Just recently, he blamed Nintendo for becoming overweight. Fogel describes being a child and holding the Nintendo controller with one hand while eating chips with his other hand. In all fairness, Nintendo shouldn’t be blamed here. Yes, the video game machine may have led to his obesity problem, but the Nintendo did not make him fat. Rather, his mom and dad’s poor parenting skills didn’t prevent him from putting on the excess weight.

We’re sure Jared understands the idea of responsibility, as he picked himself up and got into better eating and excercise habits. To blame Nintendo seems improper though.

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