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Monday June 19, 2006 10:00 pm

Small Arms Trailer

This year at E3 many games were announced and demoed, and it is inevitable that some will slip through the cracks.  Small Arms, a Smash Bros.-esque brawling game which will come to the marketplace near the end of the summer, is one of those titles.  The game is being developed by Gastronaut Studios, an independent developer comprised of 4 people who focus on downloadable games.  Recently one of the developers gave some new info and background on Small Arms in an interview with ThrillsKilla. Here’s a snippet:

‘Marky Kat’ is our cyborg cat character who sports a ‘chain gun’ as his default weapon. The primary attack is a rapid fire stream of bullets, while the secondary is a shotgun type burst shot.

This will be another awesome game on XBLA, and while Gastronaut Studios doesn’t view the game as a Smash Bros. clone, it should fill a nice void in the marketplace and in my gaming rotation.

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