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Monday August 18, 2008 8:11 pm

Too Human quick review

Too Human CoverEarlier this morning, our copy of Too Human finally arrived. You know, the one we’ve been waiting over a decade for? Well, Silicon Knights baby will finally be available for all to purchase tomorrow. We figured we would give you a glimpse into our initial impressions of the game. I’ve been playing Too Human for about three hours now, and feel like I am about halfway through the story. I’ve destroyed creatures, upgraded weaponry, and chosen my path. Hop on down to get our full thoughts on Too Human, the next big title for the .

So, again, this is just a quick review - we haven’t completed the game, but we think we are through enough of it to give you an overall opinion. Once you are halfway through a game, you can’t really expect much to change gameplay-wise (that would just be horrible programming). Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be so horrible if it were to happen here in Too Human. Don’t get me wrong, you can get through the game the way it is, but the whole time I kept getting interrupted by the controls.

What I mean by that, exactly, is that when you are playing a game, you typically want to be immersed in that experience. There are many areas in Too Human that start to offer exactly what I am talking about. The graphics are there, the story is there, the music is on point…and then the camera goes awry. It’s those kinds of things that can get really annoying to a gamer trying to enjoy the story and environment that a game is presenting to them.

That’s not to say that Too Human is all bad - to the contrary, many parts so far are quite good. We’ve heard complaints form some people who played the demo, who thought that the combat was way too easy. While we can agree that it could be more difficult, you can’t deny the fact that it is fun. Tearing into a hoard of over 100 enemies, and taking them all out, piece-by-piece with your swords, is a very satisfying experience.

Too Human review

I’m sure you’ll hear some people tell you that you should fore-go this title, and instead hit up God of War II, as it is a better game. Well, while that might be the case overall, it isn’t really valid. You should play both. I think there are a lot of people out there who will actually enjoy Too Human a lot more than I am, and I am more on the “like” side than the “dislike” side. In fact, if the controls and camera weren’t so bad, I’d say you should go out and pick it up. The thing about Too Human is that it presents to many things at so many different levels, trying to reach many different types of gamers. Some it does well, while others, not so much. That’s why I think we are going to see varied acceptance of the title.

I’m about to go back and finish the game off. If you are into mythology, taking your time and really getting to spend some quality hours with a game, or just love building up characters your own way, we think you might at least benefit from a rent of Too Human. I’m not quite ready to convince anyone to go out and buy it, save for those of you who just love massive mayhem, and feeling like a total badass when destroying endless enemies - if that describes you, then go get it. You guys, in particular, won’t be disappointed.

Too Human launches tomorrow, August 19.

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