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Thursday June 4, 2009 12:01 pm

E3 2009: DiRT 2 impressions

DiRT 2 e3 2009 impressions

As a big fan of DiRT and having put in many hours into the game, I was extremely excited to get my hands on the demo at the Microsoft booth at this years .  DiRT 2 looks and feels like DiRT, but with a kick. Powered by the third generation of the EGO Engine’s racing game technology, DiRT 2 offers tuned-up car-handling and new damage engine effects.

It’s all about details and that’s what makes the difference. Depending on your car, tuning or even what type of road you are on, every vehicle will feel different. Find a car you love?  You are able to use your favorite vehicle and tune it with add-ons. With seven vehicle classes and a large collection of officially licensed rally cars and off-roads vehicles, I doubt you will have any problem in finding the best vehicle.

The vibrant lighting/graphics of the game are simply amazing. I am rarely wowed by graphics in games now days, but DiRT has been able to grab me. DiRT 2 has enhanced lighting details that really make it stand out. Now being able to race at night, you can see these small details come to life on reflections of light on walls, water and other parts of the environment.

Taking cues from what people seem to enjoy on GRID, DiRT 2 now has time Flackback, a rewinding feature that allows you to go back in time when you are doing less than stellar. We all deserve a second chance – right?

DiRT 2 will finally include full online capabilities and playing with friends will now be possible. Racing through beautiful off-roads sites with eight of my friends on XBOX LIVE? Sign me up!

I am completely sold on DiRT 2 and I anxiously wait for its release Fall of this year.  New off-roads tracks from all over the world, great controls, beautiful UI and vibrant graphics are all I need from this off-road racer.



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