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Sunday May 18, 2008 7:46 pm

Wii Fit is almost here

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Casual, Culture, Nintendo, Wii,

Wii Fit

Okay, launches in May 21 peeps. Stores are throwing signage up all over the place, and it appears the first actual test of your fitness will be fighting the crowds in an attempt to get your hands on the game. We’ve already seen it going for as much as $210 USD on eBay - and the game costs less than $100. Yeah, this is gonna be fun. Thanks, .



I managed to pick one up at Costco this morning… they had a whole pallet full, but were sold out within minutes of opening…

I wonder if this really does help a gamer stay fit!  Perhaps those Halo players need to get off the couch and purchase a Wii and play this game!  The price of this game is expensive though.  You might as well buy a refurbished Wii for an extra 50 dollars or so.  Right now it’s new so it’s obviously going to have a lot of hype.  If I was a gamer with a Wii, I would wait some months before purchasing it.

I think some gamers could really use this. I’m letting my son get xbox live, but only after I made a deal with him to start running twice a week to stay in shape. That shape not being a potato.

Perhaps those Halo players need to get off the couch and purchase a Wii and play this game!

Sorry, i mean, ALL people should stand up and play

Does it include all the boards?

right now i’m trying to win a $100 Gift card to target, I’ve already won 2 $100 gift-cards to target 2 months ago and 6 radio station are giving away more of these $100 gift-cards to target hope I win so that I can get the Wii for free and pickup Wii Fit make my fat ass work out a little bit more lol

Wii Fit is not all that. I got it and it is not that fun. IF you want to start an exercise routine it is ok at that. But it does not help you determine what exercises that you should to to lose weight or tone abs , etc.

I have not tried the Wii Fit and none of my friends who have Wiis are planning on getting it.  I do enjoy the built-in games such as boxing and bowling, but my Wii Fitness age is pitiful!  Perhaps I am afraid of doing so poorly on the Wii Fit 😉

wow!!!!!! why so expensive on ebay??
is everywhere else selling out?

How can this small table be able to hold a 300+ pound man?

This is what makes Wii one of the best Seventh Generation consoles.


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