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Thursday June 5, 2008 6:05 pm

Video: Wii commercial parody

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Culture, Nintendo, Wii,

Okay, we gotta hand it to these guys - when you put it like this, I guess really can seem lame. Unfortunately, a lot of games utilize similar mechanics as are found in this parody. However you feel about ‘s money-making machine, this one is definitely good for a laugh.

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Forum Discussion

That is absolutely hilarious, I would love to play this "game!" :lol: It is definitely one of the best Nintendo Wii parodies I've come across and well, wow, who wouldn't want to play it? ;) Two players and get a chance to see other places of the world? Hahaha. I'm still laughing every time I play this video. Thanks Gear Live for finding it and sharing it with us!

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LOOOOL, Nice share Andru! :D

@Jess1ca, I’m Egyptian and I can’t wash my dishes :D .....

I still don’t know why many movies and games represent Egypt as Pyramids and Sphinx. No we don’t live in a pyramids and we don’t ride camels!

BTW, I ROFLED at the guy who is trying to wash dishes, he seems very motivated :D !

Washing dishes as a game wouldn’t be to exciting but it was funny watching playing the game.

I got in trouble because my mom heard me laughing, she came over and saw the Wii. <_<
But LULZ. You’d think that would make real life dishwashing more fun. But why is there dishwashing levels in different parts of the world? That’s kinda weird…

That was too funny. Can we expect ‘Do the laundry’ ’ or ’ Clean out the litter box’ next?

the was to fuuny I dont think I would like this kind of game

I don’t mind anything as long as its hilarious and entertains me, Still thanks for the post dude, video is funny.

LOL i can see what inspired them to make the video- although the idea behind the wii was incredibly innovative they have yet to put it to good use. i especially like the “exploring new worlds” part

LOL. This video kinda hits home on so many levels, but its still hilarious. Maybe I can get my teenager son to do the dishes.

I love where you can play in different areas, and the fate of the world depends in your dishwashing hands!  Such a great parody

This was too funny lol. I like how the guy took the game piece from the two Wii men and run like heck to just play the game. The Earth blew up, lolz.

4/5 Pretty good parody.


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