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Tuesday April 22, 2008 11:56 am

Video: Ridiculously amazing Halo 3 betrayal

Okay, so, you know how in accidents happen? You overzealously start chucking grenades, only to kill one enemy and two fellow teammates? Well, casualties are a part of battle, but this one takes the cake. Check out the video above to see what, in our opinion, has to be the most innocent Halo betrayal in known history.

Yeah. Got anything better than that?



My son is a huge halo fan. When he saw this he lol’ed

Lol. For a second I thought it was some online game with the funky music and cartoon interface. Then I went “Oh yeah it’s HALO O.O”

I’ve never seen it being played before, so I was kind of confused. From what I see, did a tank he shoot fly into and kill the running person (the teammate)? If that’s so… lol. What a betrayal.

i’m a big fan of the halo series still havent beat it or tryed the multiplayer but after watching this video i’m definitely trying it out

Lets not take it too serieusly, it’s just a game.
But yeah it would suck if they do it to you.


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