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Thursday February 22, 2007 2:15 pm

Xbox Fan Had Seven Xbox 360 Replacements

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Hardware, Xbox 360,

Ring of Red In the ongoing saga of the Xbox 360 hardware defects, one Xbox 360 fan probably set the record for the number of replaced consoles. Dean Takahashi at Mercury News reports on the circumstances of one Xbox 360 fan, Rob Cassingham. As a major fan of the original Xbox, Cassingham bought six launch consoles, some for his gaming center, and some for personal use. Since the launch, all six have failed. Takahashi details the problems Cassingham had with support, even as his problems had to be escalated all the way to Peter Moore. In terms of Xbox 360 failures, Microsoft seems to be following their pattern of denial and then grudging acceptance. The company initially denied that any problems existed with the launch consoles, and then offered free repairs for those gamers affected. More recently, Microsoft lengthened its warrantee on the console to 12 months, and an investigation into hardware failures was aired by the BBC in the UK. Other gamers have reported even having to replace the refurbished units they got from Microsoft. Microsoft’s stance continues to be that the Xbox 360 has a failure rate in line with other electronic devices, but this seems to fly in the face of reality.

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