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Monday July 9, 2007 11:19 am

Tomb Raider Anniversary to Hit 360, Twice

Lara Croft It’s no secret that I love me some Tomb Raider, so when Eidos announced that the remake of the original game, titled Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition would only becoming to last-gen (read: PS2) and “new-gen” (read: Wii) consoles, I was a might bit disappointed.

Well, it looks as if Eidos has changed their mind, so color me giddy with anticipation. TR: Anniversary will now be coming to the 360, so you can finally see Lara’s original adventure in all its bump-mapped, pixel-shaded, bloom-lit glory. The really interesting part is exactly HOW the game will be coming to the 360. In its first iteration, TR: Anniversary will be hitting the 360 as downloadable episodic content, starting in September for those that own the excellent TR: Legends. Why? Well, my guess is that they’re meeting MS’s download size requirements by using the in-game engine of Legends, so essentially the Anniversary download will just be new map packs and outfits for Lara. Of course, those of you without the original Legends, or not on Xbox Live will be able to purchase Anniversary as it hits meatspace later in the year in DVD form.

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