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Tuesday December 16, 2008 1:52 pm

Son Shoots Parents When They Deny Him Halo

Daniel PetricTo teen Daniel Petric, Halo 3 is more than just a game. He became so angry at not being able to play it that he shot his father and killed his mother with his dad’s gun. Apparently, his parents didn’t want him to buy the game and caught him with it when he tried to sneak it into the house. Father Mark then put it in a lockbox in his closet that housed a 9mm handgun until his son retrieved both. Daniel’s lawyers claim their client has been under stress because after an accident and staph infection, he had been homebound for a year with nothing to do but watch TV and play video games. Daniel and Mark, can you say books?

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I hope this kid doesn’t get off easy. No amount of stress would make me want to shoot my parents. I’m pretty sure that goes for most everyone else too. He knew what he did was wrong and hopefully he will get what he deserves. And, of course through all of this, the game of HALO will keep being looked at as the instigator. Not the troubled teen, which is just wrong.

I agree with UglyFido… This is CRAZY….What kid can be so Mad that he would shoot his Parents? The people that raised him and fed him well obviously, and he decied to SHOOT them! All i can say is that is a Disgrace….Only if he was Disabled i would let him off just a LITTLE easy…But i’m sure this guys not disabled so i think he should go to Juvenile. 1-2 Years MAX. Ya get what he deserves!


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