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Friday May 4, 2007 1:12 pm

Rumor: Nintendo US Division To Move to NY or SF? Me: SF Please!

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Culture, Nintendo, Rumors, Wii,

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According to the online version of GameInformer Magazine, Nintendo employees were recently told that the company would be relocating, away from its current Redmond, Washington offices. According to the article:

Employees of Nintendo of America were told on Thursday that they would have to decide by June 1st whether or not they would be willing to relocate or accept a severance package. Our sources indicated these new offices would be opened as early as this Fall.
Both San Francisco and New York were pointed at as being the potential targets for new locations.

Personally, I think a move like this would make a lot of sense for the company. Redmond one day looked like it was going to become the next tech hotbed, but it’s so dominated by Microsoft these days that it’s hard to really make a presence in that area. Plus, the number of third-party publishers located in the bay area is staggering (just look on the case of your most recent game for an address, trust me…), so if Nintendo really is serious about courting third parties more actively, this would definitely give them a more hands-on way to do it. A New York office would also make a lot of sense given that, well, it’s New York and they’ve already got their only US store there.

My guess? IF they do move (and that’s a big “if”, they’ve been in Redmond for a long while)... they’re probably going to do both. I could see it easily being advantageous for Nintendo to have both an east coast and west coast operations branch. But if they HAVE to choose, my vote is for the SF Bay area. Having Nintendo so close to home would be sweet indeed.

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Gallery: Rumor: Nintendo US Division To Move to NY or SF? Me: SF Please!



It seems like this might just be sales and marketing. Hopefully it isn’t all of Nintendo—I like having customer service within driving distance.


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