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Wednesday April 25, 2007 12:45 pm

Rumor: 80GB PS3 Boxed Already?

80GB maybeThe rumors of an 80GB PlayStation 3 continue on, this time with a reported shot of the new console “in the wild” appearing at Kotaku. The shot apparently shows a Canadian box of the new model, featuring an 80GB hard drive and a new model number, 98004. The existence of a potential new 80GB model first surfaced in FCC filing documents from Sony in March. Sony was quick to deny the rumors, stating that the filings meant nothing in terms of announced product. However, comments from Sony to financial reporters later would indicate that they were in fact investigating a console with a larger hard drive. While this shot, which could definitely have been altered, is not a strong confirmation of the new hardware, the FCC filings, comments from executives, the removal of the 20GB model all would seem to point to Sony readying a new “high end” model and a shift downwards of the 60GB version.

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