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Sunday April 22, 2007 6:47 pm

Pelican Cools Off Your PS3 In Style

PS3 Pelican Cooler Pic

IGN.com has got the first pics of the upcoming Air Flow Cooler for PS3, by Pelican, and it’s looking like a nice, unobtrusive peripheral for those that want to keep your PS3 extra cool. While I haven’t heard too many reports of overheating PS3’s, IGN claims to have gotten warnings about console temperatures during Blu-Ray playback, so we’ll take their word for it.

The PS3 Air Flow Cooler by Pelican will feature the same slick lines as the console itself, comes with it’s own AC adaptor (BOOO! There goes another outlet.), and uses so-called “Auto Thermo Sensing Technology” to regulate the fan speeds. We’re guessing that last one means it has some sort of thermometer built-in. The item looks nice enough… the only disadvantage I can see is taking up extra height for those of you that keep your PS3 standin’ tall. Of course, if you’ve got a PS3, space for game consoles probably isn’t of concern anyway (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). The cooler will be released in the “next few weeks” and retail for around $30 - not a bad investment considering that it may help your $600 console last a lot longer.

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