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Friday April 27, 2007 5:38 pm

Nintendo Developing 45 Wii Games, 79 DS Titles(!!?)

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Rumors, Wii,

Tons o' gamesAccording to a report on Bloomberg that’s getting a lot of attention, Nintendo is working on at least 45 titles for the Wii (we’re assuming first-party?), and 79 titles for the DS. That’s a number that sounds pretty darn exciting.

Still, other than that, the report is VERY short on details. For instance, are these titles that are slated for release, or are they along the lines of tech demos and test concepts? Are they first-party titles, or does the count include properties being developed by second-party firms, under the auspices of Nintendo? When will these games be released… is this the one-year outlook for Nintendo first-party titles, or are they looking further ahead? And most importantly of all, why the heck hasn’t Nintendo announced some titles and/or concepts for these games in order to drum up a little excitement?

You’ll excuse us if we don’t get too excited just yet… after all, I was pretty excited after hearing about Sadness, and look what that’s gotten me.

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Gallery: Nintendo Developing 45 Wii Games, 79 DS Titles(!!?)



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