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Sunday February 25, 2007 5:33 pm

Nintendo Customer Service goes “Shockingly Right”


The good folks at The Consumerist spend their days pointing out the variety of ways in which corporations try to screw consumers over. But they’ve also got a soft spot for really touching Customer Service experiences, and they’re quick to note when a company is doing something right.

Most recently, they tell the story of Saska, the sad owner of a broken Wii living in Redmond, WA (the location of NOA’s headquarters). When he called up Nintendo, the consumer service representative recognized the area code and basically said “Oh, why don’t you come on down and we’ll fix it right now!”. Instead of having him ship his Wii to NOA headquarters, Nintendo fixed the console on the spot, transferred over all his Wii points and virtual console games, and even reset his warranty clock - all within 30 minutes.

You may not be able to duplicate this experience unless you live in Redmond, but it’s still touching to see how well Nintendo treats its customers…

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