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Saturday September 1, 2007 5:00 pm

New Folklore Videos Show Gameplay and Story Bits

Posted by Paul Hamilton Categories: Adventure, PlayStation 3, Sony,

New videos for the upcoming game show some interesting footage of the game’s combat including some idea of how the epic boss fights will unfold. The game has a remarkable style and art direction that is visible here especially in the brief pre-combat cinematics.

Folklore looks a little like crossed with and as players control one of two characters who use the game’s “folks” as summoned creatures to do the grunt work of fighting foes. A follow-up to Genji, developers Game Republic are promising better controls and an online mode.

Folklore is scheduled for a North American release on October 12.

Some additional video, this time showing some of the stylish cutscenes that use an Anime-like faux-motion technique that works really well:

Gallery: New Folklore Videos Show Gameplay and Story Bits



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