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Monday September 3, 2007 1:22 pm

Lair Playable on PSP Via Remote Play

A and owner has discovered that Liar is playable via the PS3’s Remote Play feature on the PSP. This is the first time a based game is able to take advantage of the feature and is reportedly quite responsive and playable. It has even been suggested that in light of all the flak Lair has taken over its controls, the use of the PSP’s analog stick is actually preferable.

What’s most curious about the revelation is that it is a revelation at all. This sounds like something would have jumped all over, especially once the disappointing reviews started pouring in.

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Forum Discussion

Read about this on Kotaku. It's certainly an interesting feature. I remember thinking how cool it was at E3, when they announced it, but they never really said anything about it after that... It has some real potential.

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