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Tuesday September 25, 2007 10:56 pm

Fatal Frame Sequel Coming to Wii

Posted by Steve Van Neil Categories: Action, Survival Horror, Wii,

fatal frame coverTecmo has announced that the next installment of its Fatal Frame horror series is in development for the Wii.  The earlier games didn’t sell especially well upon release but have amassed a sizable cult following, or so I gather from the growing number of GameStops that have been unable to sell me a copy over the years.  Now, with the burgeoning Wii phenomenon upon us, Tecmo has seen a way to give its underexposed franchise a second chance.  You can certainly see where Tecmo is coming from, as snapping photos of ghosts is a staple game mechanic of the series, one that seems like a perfect fit for the Wii’s motion controls.

Interestingly, Tecmo has enlisted Grasshopper Manufacture to produce the game; Grasshopper is the studio behind Killer 7 and next year’s sure-to-be-bizarre Wii actioner, No More Heroes.  Tecmo has remained mum on the subject of release dates, but for now just add Fatal Frame to the growing list of promising third-party Wii games.

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Forum Discussion

Oh wow I remember this scared the crap outta me so crazy... Oh yea also I own the original.

I dont Think that the Games are scary as i play them and Download them most of the time that i spend on internet. I love to Play the Games. I have a couple of sites Like PSPmeetings.com which provide really nice and wonderful Games. Youcan try to download the games you like from that site.

i m really a huge fan of fatal frame series play all the first three its not that scary though but the storyline is supremely good always leave me in awe every time i finish it now i cant wait to get my hand on the new one..

I love this series. The games are really scary and very fun to play.

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