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Friday June 1, 2007 1:40 pm

CNN Claims Wiimote Features “Audio Translator”

Posted by Michael Cardiff Categories: Culture, Music, Rumors, Wii,

Fortune Wii CoverTo go along with Fortune magazine’s recent article on the Wii (see here), CNN.com has posted an online look at the components that make-up the Wii Remote. While it’s meant to give business-type folks a feel for just how much it costs to make the little gadget, it features an interesting bit of information. According to their disassembly, the Wii Remote features an “Audio Translator” which “converts analog data such as human speech into a digital data stream”.

Whu?! Admittedly, mainstream news sources often don’t get their videogame information exactly right, so this could all just be a misprint or misunderstanding on the part of CNN/Fortune Magazine. Still, rumors of the Wii remote featuring or using a microphone of some sort have been floating around for a long time, so we’d be somewhat unsurprised if this tidbit just happened to be true. But given Nintendo’s tight hold on new information, we may not learn anything more about this new feature for quite some time…

Click the jump to see a screencap of the new info…

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Wiimote Guts



Of course, if that chip were an ADC, you’re still missing a very important component for sound - namely, a microphone.  Without a microphone no sound is getting into that Wiimote.


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