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Friday March 30, 2007 7:20 pm

Actual NiGHTS 2 Screens, Interview Online

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Nintendo, Screenshots, SEGA, Wii,


Game magazine Maxi Consolas has preview screens and an interview with designer Takeshi Iizuka about the upcoming sequel to the original NiGHTS Into Dreams on the Sega Saturn. The original game was a psychelic, “dream-like” game world that was introduced on the Saturn with the 3-D controller; it has been over ten years since the game’s original release, and NiGHTS fans still haven’t stopped clamoring for a sequel. NintendoGal has scans of the magazine, and a loose translation of the interview with Iizuka. From the interview, it sounds like NiGHTS and the Wii controller will be a good match, and hopefully Sonic Team can get back on track with this release.

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Gallery: Actual NiGHTS 2 Screens, Interview Online



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