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Friday June 10, 2005 1:38 pm

PS3 Hard Drive Add-On To Run Linux

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: PlayStation 3,

PS3 Hard Drive

One of the PS3’s strong points is that Sony wants it to be known as an “entertainment supercomputer”, hence the announcement from Ken Kutaragi stating that the PS3’s hard drive will be running Linux.  With Kutaragi’s comments in an interview he seemed to convey that the system will not come with the hard drive, but it will be available as an add-on.  They have added a hard-drive bay for the item so most likely it will end up like the PS2, where it is a separate add-on device. This does make sense though - why would the drive run on a Windows OS? Then it would just be an Xbox. To read the whole interview and Gamespot’s take on the whole thing read more.

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