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Monday November 28, 2005 7:11 pm

Possible Solution To Xbox 360 Freezing Problem

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Mods/Hacks, Xbox 360,

Xbox Power Brick Suspended By Box

Most people have heard or read about the freezing issue some people have experienced with their new toy, freezing after a minimal uptime. Everything has pointed to a faulty power supply, and while Microsoft has not issued a statement as of yet, Goldeneyemaster from Gamespot forums took things into his own hands to come up with a solution to the problem: suspend the power “brick” in the air to allow it to dissipate heat through all of its sides. Now you can go about this various ways, you could actually suspend it in the air by means of strings or just get a box with an open top and place it on top. Whatever way you go about it be sure to tell us if this worked for you and what you did. Lets see how creative we can all get with this.

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Gallery: Possible Solution To Xbox 360 Freezing Problem

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