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Tuesday May 17, 2005 2:46 am

PlayFeed Giveaway: Xbox 360 Limited Edition Faceplate

Limited Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate Giveaway

You want a piece of the action - admit it. As always, we have your hook up. At Microsoft’s press conference, they gave out these Limited Edition Xbox 360 customized faceplates - only 5000 have been manufactured. Here is your chance to own one. Just reply to this post letting us know which Xbox 360 game you are most interested in and why. Answers that just name a game along with an explanation like “Because it looks cool!” or “I love that series” need not apply. We want some well thought out answers here. Those that comply will be put into a random drawing, and will win this rare collector’s item in a matter of two weeks. It is 1871 out of 5000. This, as always, is open to US residents only. We have a close-up image of the customized area after the jump.

Limited Edition E3 Xbox 360 Faceplate

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I am looking forward to see ALL the games a little more closeup just because it looks like they will all look kickass.

But I am really excited to see GT5 because they already looks pretty damn cool but with this new graphics power I can’t imagine how much better GT5 is going to look. And of course with so much more storage space there is always the chance for a lot more content.

But I guess out of the list, I have to say Metal Gear Solid 4 is my most anticipated. As with GT5, the more recent MGS games have looked great and it will be awesome to see how much of a visual leap there will be. But again, the new space for content making for longer games will be very cool. Lets just hope they have time to fit in more content and to really refine the graphics.

I am also looking forward to Final Fantasy 12 just because they all have been great. And unlike the others, the game lenth/content has never been an issue with FF games and they already look pretty nice graphics-wise. But I can only imagine how much better the graphics are going to look on this one.

Man, I really need to start saving up for games now lol.

The game I am looking forward to the most is Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion. This game is going to have one of the largest game worlds ever, its going to be huge. Also they are imputting a new AI system where the characters go on with their lives without any interaction from the player, they will cook, eat, sleep, steal, all by themselfs depending on what is happening around them. I cant wait to spend the couple hundred hours plus that this game is going to offer!

while it’d be nice to win that faceplate (it’d be worth a mint in some time) im from australia so i can’t enter :(
though i;d have to say my most looking forward to game would have to be ninja scroll black simply because i love the ninja gaiden series so.

Well…for me of course its Halo 3…Halo 2 was the reason I got an xbox….and I know bungie is gonna cook up something amazing for Halo 3…or at least enough to keep me on live for hours a day

Also killzone…The video I saw of in game action…the level of detail in the characters faces….it was just amazing….

Overall not too much I can really say about the games other then video since thats all thats really been shown so far…

I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls IV & Halo 3—Along w/ loving both of these series the shear magnitude of level size that will be available in these new generation consoles should be mind blowing.  I walked aimlessly around the map in elder scrolls III for hours and never crossed the same point twice.  That is my main selling point with the new generation games & system.  I need games that I can’t beat in a few hours or even a couple days.  I want something that will keep me hooked and playing for weeks & months.  I think that these 2 games can do exactly that.

The game I’m most intrested in for Xbox 360 is Perfect Dark Zero. I have been waiting for another Perfect Dark game since the Nintendo 64 days. Perftect Dark, although worse than Goldeneye for the N64 ( Boy was that game good) was a great game and had a great concept. Also I love FPS.

That faceplate is pretty freakin awesome!

I can’t wait till Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon™ 3 comes out with the xbox 360. Tom Clancy’s games and books are soo awesome and amazing. Ghost Recon 1 & 2 were both so awesome and I think Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon™ 3 will be way better and will rule most of the games!

I must say… from what they showed the future for the Xbox 360 is looking awesome. The graphics were very crisp and clean. It seemed as they wanted to make sure the graphics were as pretty as possible to make up for the slightly choppy release graphics on the Xbox. I definately think the most promising game will be The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I am a fan of Morrowind so I was excited to hear about another Elder Scrolls. I saw a preview awhile ago for this and I thought it was pretty. When they showed it in the press conference it was by far one of the most visually pleasing games that was shown the whole day. Aside from that, I’m an RPG gamer and Elder Scrolls never seems to let me down. It is unhumanly expansive and it never gets old. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will definately please when it comes out.

The game that I am most looking forward to is Ghost Recon 3.  Not only where the graphics amazing looking, the game looks to be very innovative as well.  At least from what I could tell of the video and stills, the heads up helmet display was very interesting looking with video links to your team as well as audio and heath of other individuals.  It may have not looked as great as Killzone 2, but anyone can tell that was pre-rendered CG any way.  Game play mechanics are equally important as graphics and GR3 looks as though it has both to offer.

Perfect Dark Zero looks to be my game of choice/motivator to get the XBOX 360 mainly because I have spent hours of my childhood playing the N64 version and becoming “hooked.”  The mood and suspense that Rare can create in its Perfect Dark games cannot be recreated in any other first person shooter.  The levels are challenging, fun and addicting to play over and over again.  With such a powerful console like XBOX 360, I think that Rare will be able to make its best Perfect Dark game yet!

Well the games are a major issue here…Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company that can afford to buy these game devs. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has a clue what the people in America want, not any of that RPG anime crap that Sony is promoting. That’s why i would definitely have to choose Perfect Dark Zero. 50 players online!!! That sounds like a doozie. Microsoft was smart in acquiring Rare. Obviously you can see that Microsoft is willing to spend money, to make money, as you could see with the Xbox 1, losing money on every console. AQfter reading hands-on previews of the game from IGN, it sounds like the gameplay is off the hook. Especially when the game is runnning off the Alpha Kits! I expect big things from this game and Rare Studios.

Perfect Dark Zero most definately.  I have been playing this game ever since i got it and it’s still amazing.  Hopefully the amazingness of it won’t be thrown away when it is remade for the Xbox360 as some sequels as we all know turn out to be.  It took the same aspect that made Goldeneye good and put it to better use.  However, i am skeptical about the number of weapons in-game…arent there only 20-something? Oh well. No doubt it will be a hit!

The Xbox 360 looks really good so far and I am looking forward to checking out the new games and hopefully some backwards compatibility for the old.  Like most, Halo 3 is a game that I can’t wait to come out.  When I first got my Xbox, I played halo one and two singleplayer and enjoyed the game.  However, the lack of length of Halo 2’s single player was upseting, and I am hoping for a more intense, and longer game in Halo 3.  Also, I am looking forward to using Xbox Live for the first time and have the ability of playing online.  Currently, I do not have live on my Xbox and with the additing of a Wireless card in the 360, I will be able to connect.

“Well i guess this site is not so on top of things here, it cant even follow its own simple giveaway! When you tell people one thing and do another it sure looks bad on your part, and if you consider this good for your website, just to get people to come back and see who the winner is, thats stupid and i assure you i wont be coming back after it ends. You can trick your sponsers but you cant trick me!

Hopefully not you. It’s hard to believe there are people who complain about someone giving out something completely free for just reading/posting at a site. But then again there are some damn selfish people out there.


“who da F**k is the winner! it’s been like a week”

...it’s been on the homepage of playfeed…idiot.

Well i like poo.Not really
Gugglypop is a fun game
i really want to play supermario 360
or something like papa johns pizza that you can eat for the ps3
Yes poo is i think i should have your face


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