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Tuesday June 21, 2005 7:41 pm

Playfeed Giveaway: SanDisk 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

SanDisk 1 GB Memory Stick Pro DuoSo, Gear Live turned one the other day and has hooked up Playfeed with a 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo to give away to a Playfeed reader. You see, while these Memory Sticks will work in just about any portable Sony device, we recognize that it isn’t the Sony Clie or digital cameras that are causing a mad rush for these bad boys. It is the Sony PSP, and the fact that people want to bring as much media with them as possible. That being the case, the video game site seems to be the most appropriate place to give this one away. To enter, simply answer this question in the comments of this post:

What method do you use to rip your movies to a PSP format, and put them on your PSP?

Answer that question, and we will pick a random, United States based winner in a week.

Gallery: Playfeed Giveaway: SanDisk 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

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I use 3GP Converter. smile

It depends on what format the original file is in but I usually use DVD Decrypter and/or Xilisoft Video converter or psp video 9.  DVD Decrypter is nice because you can rip the whole dvd to one file (of course, we know you must own the dvd, right??), cut out all the extra crap like previews and what not, and also choose your audio track (directors cut, foreign language, etc.) eliminating the others to save space.  Xilisoft works really well and is very customizable.

I use PSP video 9 to transfer my movies. It’s simple and converts movies to right format and size for you!

BTW: I want this memory stick because…..........................................................I just recieved my Sony Cybershot DSC-T7. If I somehow get lucky and win this memory stick I’d be able to use it for both my PSP and Cybershot! Talk about crazy amounts of media!

I use Max Media Manager which came with the USB cable i bought. I use it with whatever videos i can get because 128 doesn’t let you do much. I could probably get a small movie in it but with such bad quality i’d rather look out the window and watch the grass grow XD.

PSP video 9

PSP video 9 as well.

PSP video 9 works well

3GP Converte

3GP and PSP Vid9.  I’ve also tried Palm Studio, but no workie…

I also use PSP video 9 to encode my DVD’s to my PSP.

Mainly, I use PSP video 9. It’s so easy to use.

PSP video 9 has worked great so I haven’t even bothered to try other apps.

Anyone also using their psp for audio? I just went out of town and had a movie and a good selection of songs on my small (in comparison to the 1 giger wink duo and it was nice being able to use either. Although I use it a lot for gaming, it’s also nice to watch a good movie or listen to some tunes inbetween.

And I also have a cybershot as someone else posted, which makes the duo cards worth so much more since I can use them for either my digi cam or my psp. Just haven’t been able to afford the 1gigs yet even though I would love to have one/some heheh.

I use PSP Video 9.  Its what mostly everyone i know uses, and is easy to use.

I’ve been using psp video 9.  From my experience its one of the simplre programs to use and has given me very few problems.

PSP Video 9.  A simple and free program, you can’t beat that combination.


Tried various, but PSP Video 9 seem to be the best overall bet for keeping the number of mishaps to a low number.


I’ve tried things like PSP Video Express but PSP Video 9 is the winner for me. Then just copy via USB.


I use DVD Decryptor to copy the DVDs to my harddrive, and then PSP Video 9 to conver them to PSP format.

I use PSP Video 9. Seems to work just fine for my basic needs.

I use DVD Decrypter to rip the movie I want to my computer. Then I use Nero Recode 2 to recode the movie into Nero Digital format (mpeg-4) and lower the quality depending on how much space I want this movie to use on my memory stick.

I use PSPWARE with my mac.


It’s all about the psp video 9. This program is so 1337, i can copy about 8 mins onto my 32 meg card! Peace out.

I use PSP Video 9 but that sometimes doesn’t work for some reason so I use 3GP Converter sometimes.

iPSP, for my Mac smile

I just use 3GP Converter.

I use Xilisoft PSP Video Converter as well as PspVideo9. But i only use pspvideo 9 when i need more compression of a video.

I use PSP Video 9.

<b>PICK ME!</b>

Since I have a Mac Mini I use iPSP smile.

I use 3GP Converter, its easier for me to use. Appreciate all the giveaways Andru and Gearlive/Playfeed!

My son and i use PSP Video 9…It’s Quick And Easy…Even For An Old School Gamer Like Me!  My sons Already Making Plans For That 1 Gig!  Thanx GEARLIVE!!!

i use psp video 9 because it is easy to use and fast at transfering and converting

PSP Video 9 here also

using psp video 9

I use the PSP Video 9 its efficient and user friendly, its just great!


Unlike nearly everyone else who’s posted so far, I do mine on a mac (OS X).  I follow the method outlined on PSPWiki.org, which is basically:

1. Extract track from my DVD with “yade X”

2. Bring separate video and audio streams in to “ffmpegX” and use the PSP preset

3. Encode video with “ffmpegX”

4. Create a thumbnail for the movie using “altShiva”

5. Transfer movie and thumbnail over to the PSP manually via USB

Perhaps not as “all-in-one” as some of the other solutions, but it works well for me.

i dont rip movies to put onto my PSP, because the Lame 32MB card doesn’t have enought space…. :(

I haven’t ripped any movies…yet…but I will start as soon as I can get a larger memory card.

I use PSP Video 9 to rip my movies to a PSP format and put them on my PSP.

i use psp video 9

I use Pocket DVD to rip the video files, Kinoma to convert them & PSP Video 9 to transfer them. I’m an old school pocket pc & palm video guy been doing it for years. The psp is great for keeping business & play seperate & the high resolution screen makes anime awesome to watch & easy to read the subtitles.

I use PSP Video 9 to rip my movies to a PSP format and put them on my PSP.


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