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Thursday June 9, 2005 12:31 pm

Legend of Mir 3 Gamer Gets Jail Time

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: Internet, PC, Role Playing Games,

Legend of Mir 3

Now as most of us know, some people who play MMOG’s usually get sucked in and don’t leave their rooms for days, weeks, or months at a time.  Well, this story isn’t game news but relates to a game and the stupidity of it makes me need to post this.  One Chinese gamer has taken his online gaming world into the real world. Qiu, who is 43 years old, got really upset that a player he lent his “virtual sword” to in the game Legend of Mir 3 had sold it for $870. Rather than the usual name calling, cursing, or battling in game, Qiu decided to break into this persons house and murder them.  Qiu was given a suspended death sentence, which pretty much means life term. Bring on the “Video games cause violence” debates!

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