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Monday June 6, 2005 12:30 pm

Nintendo Revolution Retro Games Will Be Free

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Corporate News, Retro, Wii,

Nintendo Revolution

In a stunning move leaving me speechless, Nintendo of America VP, George Harrison, has announced that the Revolution will likely sport free emulated retro gaming.  This is a far cry from what they have done in the past with GBA retro titles and what was expected from the system for such a unique service.  The games will be downloadable through an online system, however third parties developers of the past will likely charge some sort of service fee for downloading their games while Nintendo titles will be free and playable online - where applicable.  This is fine, because I’d rather play Mario Kart over Street Fighter online anyway.

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woo! even if they were $5 a pop i’d download a heap… but free? im excited.


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