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Thursday September 15, 2005 11:51 pm

Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: Accessories, Wii,

Nintendo Revolution Controller So finally, after Nintendo has been keeping everything related to the Revolution locked up in the basement with the Power Glove, some information has been passed on to the public.  Nintendo has released information regarding their new remote

controller, which just happens to be quite different than any game controller we’ve seen yet.  As you can see the Nintendo Revolution controller looks just like a remote control. Crazy talk, or a stroke of genius? The controller has a built in feature that tracks its movement which is then translated into game play.  One example given is that you could swing the controller like a sword, taking part in a virtual sword fight with your screen. The controller consists of the usual D-Pad, a giant and convenient A button, a B trigger buttion, and smaller a and b buttons on the bottom. Looking at the image, if you turn the controller 90 degrees counter-clockwise, you end up with something close to the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller - perfect for those downloadable retro games.

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