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Sunday July 3, 2005 3:54 pm

New Halo 2 Multiplayer Pack Movies

Halo 2

The day is almost upon us when we shall all be able to own the newest Halo 2 Multiplayer maps. Until that day, we can enjoy more great videos courtesy of TeamXbox. They now have three new movies: Backwash, Gemini, and Terminal. I know I can’t wait to load up those new packs into my Xbox and try them out on Live.  Here are some quick descriptions of the new maps for your reading pleasure:


Backwash is covered with a thick mist that has nestled within the valley of a large swamp. The audio of the map is very well done and the rainfall and ambient sound effects give players a great impression of a living, breathing eco-system while creating an intriguing mood for the game’s action to take place. If you remember the swamp-like level of Halo, you’ll have a good idea what to expect from Backwash. A medium sized map, Backwash is a great map for playing Slayer matches.


Gemini is a relatively small map that hovers in space high above the lights of High Charity. Gemini is meant as a place of refuge and meditation for the senior prelates in the Prophet hierarchy. Because of Gemini’s small size, it is best suited for Slayer matches composed of a low number of players.


Terminal may now be a battlefield, but it was once a place where people spent their leisure time shopping, enjoying lunch with friends or just hanging out. While this might sound like a mall, today it is anything but a place to go with friends; that is unless your friends are looking for a fight. Located on New Mombasa, Terminal is a large map filled with plenty of dangers including an active monorail that players can walk across, and maybe get splattered by a passing train if they aren’t paying attention. Its large size lends itself best to games of single flag CTF as well as Assault matches, but don’t rule out Team Slayer.

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