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Tuesday July 18, 2006 9:40 am

New Quake 4 Patch to Fine-Tune Multiplayer

Quake 4In an announcement on their website, Id Software announced that version 1.3 of Quake 4 will incorporate “feedback from the people playing it the most.”  Several of the patch’s features and gameplay changes were requested by the Quake community (improved performance and control), the patch will provide new maps, as well as a gametype and weapon.  Id is currently running a private beta test of the release, with the intention to release it to the public before the August 3 QuakeCon.

This is an example of how gamer feedback should work: via direct suggestions made to the developer, unlike Valve’s recent use of Steam-gathered statistics to tweak the balance of a certain zombie fight in Episode One.  With Id, it’s the fans, not the newbies, who control the path of the patches.

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