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Saturday November 4, 2006 5:28 pm

More Reason To Drool Over The Optimus Keyboard

Optimus Keyboard

You all remember the Optimus, right - that keyboard where every key’s a little screen that would make FPS gaming oh-so-much sexier? Well, if it ever makes it out in to the wild, it sounds like it’s going to be amazingly sweet. Slashgear notes some interesting tidbits from Optimus’ livejournal:

... the 103 will appear to whatever computer it’s plugged into as a mass-storage device.  That means it shows up as a drive volume in Explorer, needs no drivers and, best of all, can store all of the custom layouts you slavishly create on-board.  Got two PCs you want to use it with?  No problem, the layouts come with it.

Of course, the issue of price is still up in the air - how much can I expect to spend on a keyboard that’s got nearly as many pixels as a 15 inch monitor, and more bells-n-whistles to boot? Similarly, it doesn’t bode well that the Optimus website recently changed the release date of the keyboard from “Late 2006” to “Concept”. Sigh….we need to get SOMEONE to build this thing. Hey Dell - don’t you think you’d be able to charge quite the pretty penny if you bought these folks out and started bundlying the Optimus with your Alienware PC’s?

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