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Friday June 16, 2006 5:45 pm

Mizuguchi Speaks on Lumines

LuminesGame Informer has put up an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi, founder of Q Entertainment and of Lumines and Rez fame.  Mizuguchi speaks at length on the four(!) upcoming versions of Lumines in the works.  First up, is Lumines Live, an Xbox Live Arcade version of the title in which a plethora of skins, music tracks and various other features such as online ranking and versus mode will be constantly added and made available via the Xbox Live marketplace.  No exact details were given yet, but Mizugiuchi mentions seasonal skins/music and confirms Madonna as being on the soundtrack.  Next is Lumines Mobile, which has been licensed to Buena Vista Games and is being developed by Gameloft.  Also mentioned is Lumines Plus a more or less direct port of Lumines to the Playstation 2.  While Lumines Plus will feature a few unspecified new additions, online play has yet to be determined. Finally, Mizuguchi divulges some new info on Lumines 2, the sequel to the original PSP Lumines.  Lumines 2 is set to feature over 100 songs by artists of various genres, full motion video, and a brand new mission mode.  He also mentions the development of a Disney themed version of Meteos, possibly with online play and muses about the possibility of Lumines on the Playstation 3.  Overall, it looks as though we’ll have no shortage of Lumines titles in the coming summer/fall seasons.


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