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Monday May 23, 2005 12:08 am

Microsoft Xbox 360 vs Sony PS3

Posted by Oscar M. Cantu Categories: Xbox 360,

Xbox 360 The million dollar question remains truly unanswered, which next generation console is the best? Well the Microsoft Xbox team aims to try to answer this question by comparing all the numbers that are being fed to us by both PR departments in a four part series. Still wondering which console they say is the best. Can you blame them for stating that their console is the best? They clearly do make very good points and do give the PS3 proper credit; however to say that one console is better than another at this point is a mighty bold claim. What we need to see are in game stats and to experience both consoles ourselves to really make that final conclusion. One thing for sure is that we will all find out soon enough if the next Xbox lives up to expectations.

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We won’t be able to tell which is “best” until after we see all the games on both systems. Though cool bonus features are nice.

It all comes down to how good the games are for each system and in the past, the “most powerful” system has not always been the “best”. Of course even after the games come out it will still be opinion.

I say get both and play both as you find games you like 😉.


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