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Wednesday January 11, 2006 1:20 am

Microsoft And Sony To Duke It Out Online

Xbox Live According to Bill Gates, that is. Here’s what the man recently said:

“We’ve got a lot of things that they don’t know that we’re doing, so we’ll keep them on edge a bit….We had to learn a lot with Xbox 1, and the decision to require broadband, to go with VoIP, but we learned a lot about wanting to put things into the operating system so you can chat even while you’re playing the games, it’s really a level of richness that the games are built on top of that we didn’t have that last time.

“We learned how to do that, we learned about contests and spectators, and so this is really a second generation of Live for us. It’s very based on software expertise, so it will be interesting to see what Sony does in that dimension.”

He added, “I don’t think there’s any doubt we’ll have a substantially higher share in this generation than we had last generation. It depends on our execution, it depends on Sony’s execution. This is a business we’re committed to, so we’re just going to keep doing our best.”

We’re excited as anyone about all of this. Personally, my favorite feature of the Xbox 360 may very well be its online integration. Being able to pull up your friends list whenever, check their accomplishments, and see what they’re up to at all times is pure bliss. Additionally, the Xbox Live Arcade has brought many treasures. Furthermore, on somewhat of a downer, he added that Halo 3 won’t nessicarily be released against PS3’s launch (as he had previously indicated) but when Bungie feels the game is ready.

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