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Monday June 19, 2006 9:30 pm

Mercury Titles Announced for Nintendo Wii

Posted by Josh Smith Categories: Nintendo, Release Dates, Strategy, Wii,

In a move sure to excite Wii owners to be, Ignition Entertainment has updated their release list to include two Mercury titles for the Wii.  Previously Mercury was a Sony exclusive, and a great asset to the PSP catalog.  The first installment, Mercury Meltdown, will be released in November followed shortly after by Mercury Type R, before the end of Q4.  The Mercury series includes hours of stimulating puzzles in which you move a blob of mercury around an environment through various gates and around obstacles.  The movement of your blob is controlled by tilting the platform that the blob is on, making the Wii-mote a natural choice.  This is a strong launch title for the Nintendo Wii and signals more support by third party developers.

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