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Wednesday May 31, 2006 12:26 am

Leaked Call of Duty 3 Screenshot?

Call of Duty 3

British Gaming Blog has a picture that they are claiming is a leaked screenshot of Activision’s upcoming WWII shooter, Call of Duty 3.  There’s some debate as to the authenticity of the picture, and we have to agree that it looks pre-rendered.  If indeed it is an in-game pic, then “wow” is all we have to say.

Some features of the new shooter are:

- Up close, hand to hand combat and traps to disarm, all requiring fast reflexes in the battlefield. - More destructible environments gives your enemies (and you) nowhere to hide. - Split level design means your tactics from sniping to guns a blazing will open different routes for you. - Execute parachute drops, armoured assaults or SAS commando raids. Riddle battlefields with tank shells and explosives. Drive tanks to topple barricades and invade enemy emplacements. - Brand new multiplayer engine featuring multiple occupancy vehicles for team based combat.

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