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Sunday May 22, 2005 9:55 pm

Games Which Seriously Deserve Sequels

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Bonks AdventureYou ever wonder why some game that you can’t stand gets about a dozen sequels, yet the game that you really want more of never gets made? It is a shame. Here is a look at a few games that should get sequels, but aren’t.

Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle
Lucas Games created some of the greatest 2D visual adventures ever made. The original Maniac Mansion game created a whole scripting engine and game concept. PC graphical adventures were a highly influential game series in the early 80s and it presented a huge amount of options to the game player. Manic Mansion was a well made spoof of the graphical adventure and the 8-bit Nintendo port was the only game that you could microwave a hamster until Nintendo found out about it. If you made a port of Maniac Mansion to the Game Boy Advance it would rule.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Capcom put together one of the best competitive puzzle game ever made and it is a staple game that I play with my friend every time we get together to kick it Playstation style. Recently there was a very good Game Boy Advance port of the game and I hope that Capcom decides to take another stab at it. A PSP, Nintendo DS or GBA sequel would rule.

Pocket Fighter
Capcom 2d fighting games have become a staple of the 90s and Pocket Fighter was a Super Deformed cute version of the series with really cute and well done animation. There is a while bag of fighter that could be added if only they would make a PSP sequel.

Double Dragon
Double Dragon started a whole series of martial art fighting games where you had a super bad ass marital artist that would take out a whole army of chumps with your best pal manning the second controller. There was a recent Game Boy Advance game but this really deserved a new 3d game.

Wall Street Kid
Back in the 80s there was a NES game that combined a fake stock market with a unintentionally sarcastic look at yuppie stock traders. Not only did you buy and sell fake companies but you had a superficial girlfriend that you had to spend lots of time and money on and if you worked too long with out hitting the gym you got sick and croaked.

Sega’s UGA team created a shooter, music game, interactive music, retro game that has not been rivaled on the PS2. We really need game developers to take a chance on an abstract music action game like Rez. They did make Lumines but I still want more of Rez.

Viz Ribbon
I have read about and seen video clips of Viz Ribbon for the Japanese PSOne. It is a small interactive music game where you would start off with the game disk and then you would swap out the disk and put in your favorite music CD and the game would be a weird puzzle game where you would dance on the sound wave of the playing CD with a weird black and white rabbit. This would really be cool if you could run the game on the PSP and have it run off MP3 files on the Memory Stick.

Back when NEC was still trying to beat Sega at the 16-bit market Bonk the cave man was video game hero that was on par with Mario and Sonic. There were three really good Bonk games on the NEC Turbo Grafx-16 and a rare Super Nintendo game but I would really like to see a new GBA Bonk game.

- Jake Metcalf

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