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Friday August 25, 2006 6:32 pm

Game Watch Shows New Tales Of The Tempest Screens

Tales of the TempestNamco’s new entry in their Tales RPG series, Tales of the Tempest is set to ship on October 26th in Japan. Ahead of the release, Game Watch Japan has a set of screenshots from the game. The shots show off a few of the different gameplay situations, including the skit system, which carries over from earlier entrants in the series. Also depicted are some in-battle screens that show off some of the special attacks, some shots of the overworld, and a couple of the dungeon areas. The game follows the story of the Caius Qualls, aged 15, on a quest to find out more information about his real parents. No US release date has been announced, but other releases in the series have made it to the US, so there is hope.

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Gallery: Game Watch Shows New Tales Of The Tempest Screens



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