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Monday October 2, 2006 1:20 am

Further Updates From GameStop Conference

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: PlayStation 3, Rumors, Wii,

GameStop Store Victor Godinez, author of the Dallas Morning News article from the GameStop conference in Texas, has updated his blog with additional information. There are quick impressions of the various company presences at the show. Sony’s Resistance: Fall of Man was “pretty standard first-person shooter fare… well executed, fun to play, and graphically impressive.”

For the Wii, Godinez indicates that graphics have generally improved since E3. Sword fighting mapping isn’t 100% precise in Red Steel, but seems to be much closer than E3.

On pre-orders, the company line as of Sunday is still that there will either be very limited pre-order campaigns or none at all. GameStop appears to be really gunshy with the pre-order situation. It may be possible that GameStop will get enough console allocation assurance from Sony and Nintendo, but it isn’t looking particularly likely. However, there is at least one person on the 1up forum boards that claims to be a GameStop manager whose store will be offering pre-orders on Tuesday, October 10.

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It’s hard to always blame the stores for preordering messes when the developers/distributors never give solid numbers but the whole 360 preorder was just a total mess. I want to preorder but I don’t want crappy packs and I want my PRE ORDERED system when it comes out. Really screws up the whole idea of preordering months ahead of time only to get your prepaid, preordered system months down the line lol.


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