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Thursday September 7, 2006 12:07 am

European Sony Fans Have Had Enough, ThisIsWaiting.com Launches

This is Waiting Logo

It took less than 24 hours, and now gamers the world ‘round to have a place to vent their PS3 frustrations in Photoshop form. Parodying the marketing slogan for the PlayStation 3, “This is Living”, ThisIsWaiting.com gives users the ability to upload their own anti-Sony images and have them appear on the front page.

It should be noted that the owners of ThisIsWaiting.com appear to also own the wii60.com domain, which has been encouraging users for a while to get a Wii and Xbox 360 for the price of a PS3. So, obviously, these folks are a bit biased. Still, there’s some hilarity to be seen on the frontpage, and some creative venting of anger.

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