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Tuesday June 20, 2006 6:15 pm

Edge Talks To Peter Moore

Peter MooreThe final of Edge’s interviews with the various “heads of state” of the three console competitors has now been published, as they talk to Microsoft’s Peter Moore on the Xbox 360. This is probably the least “technical” of the interviews, given that Microsoft has already launched their hardware into the market, and instead focuses on the gaming experience that people will see on the Xbox 360. Moore comments that he liked what he saw of the Wii controller, but didn’t really see the benefit of the Playstation 3 controller. Of course, given that there weren’t that many titles on the PS3 that featured motion sensitivity, there really wasn’t a good chance to see what developers could really do with the new technology, and how well it would stack up to the Wii.

Edge kind of slams Microsoft for the prevalence of first person shooters on the Xbox 360, but realistically, this is a reflection on the current focus of the industry, and not something that is tied to the Xbox 360. Of course, the Wii should offer more varied experiences, but this is more of a reflection of Nintendo’s development practices than anything else. But to slam the Xbox 360 for the games that third party developers choose to focus on seems a bit harsh, since the gaming industry basically is just following the money trail.

Of course, Moore also talks Xbox Live Arcade, which currently seems to be the path that Microsoft sees to the casual gamer. With the numbers Uno has seen, this seems to be working. Other titles like Lumines may also help drive this, though it’s hard to see where a gamer would decide to spend $400 on a console to get Lumines and Uno exclusively. But gaming experiences like this may expand the mindset of customers that the Xbox 360 doesn’t just offer hardcore gaming experiences.

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