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Friday October 27, 2006 11:46 am

DS-Xtreme Nintendo DS Flash Cart Reviewed

DS-XtremeMaxconsole.net has taken an in-depth look at the DS-Xtreme flash cartridge for the Nintendo DS. The cartridge manufacturer claims that this is the first all-in-one solution for the Nintendo DS for homebrew development, movie and music playback, and game backups in a package that fits within the DS cartridge slot. Other implementations have either required users to have some kind of PassMe device, or would use a combination of the DS and the GBA slots on the DS to function. Many devices have required game patching to allow cartridge backups to run. The DS-Xtreme offers plug-and-play functionality with 4 gigabits of RAM (512 megabytes) in a small form-factor. Maxconsole’s review finds that the DS-X claims are generally true, and only really dings this solution for the inability to expand the internal memory, the slightly high price and the lack of a manual. Overall, this offering appears to be a homebrew developer’s dream come true.

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