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Monday September 11, 2006 7:02 pm

Capcom: No Dead Rising SDTV Patch

Posted by Christopher Sasaki Categories: Action, CAPCOM, Xbox 360,

Dead Rising Box When Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 shipped a few weeks ago, many gamers immediately reported an issue with the mission text in the game being unreadable on some SDTV sets. Capcom stated that they were investigating the problem, and a short time later provided some suggestions that might help ameliorate the issue. However, this did not fix the problem for all users. Now, according to statements received by 1up, there will be no patch addressing this problem. Capcom representatives were quoted as saying “Due to the amount of text and the size of the patch necessary to change the text, a patch isn’t possible for this issue.”

While this is disappointing for a number of gamers, this problem could have been minimized. Capcom could have expanded its quality assurance process to include a wider variety of television types, but to really address this, Microsoft should make both SDTV and HDTV readability a requirement for a game title to be released on the Xbox 360 platform.

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