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Friday September 1, 2006 2:31 am

Assassin’s Creed For Xbox 360 Confirmed

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Assassins Creed

1up is reporting that the October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly will officially confirm that Ubisoft’s next-generation action game, Assassin’s Creed, will be coming to the Xbox 360. The post on 1up indicates that word from Ubisoft’s PR will come soon to fill gamers in on all the details. The latest issue of the UK’s 360 Magazine also features Assassin’s Creed on the cover. The story behind the game’s exclusivity, or lack thereof, has been curious. Ubisoft has been very evasive about confirming the title for platforms other than the Playstation 3, but now in the past couple of days, the game gets announced for both the PC and the Xbox 360. It is possible that Ubisoft might have been negotiating exclusivity with Sony and things fell through. It is also possible that the title was never intended to be exclusive and Ubisoft had other motives in keeping the other versions secret until now.

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