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Friday October 6, 2006 1:54 am

Analysts: Sony To Lose $560 Million On Battery Recall, PS3

Playstation 3 Analysts are reporting that Sony will lose an estimated $560 million due to the massive battery recalls and the price cut for the Playstation 3. The analysts estimate that the battery recalls will run almost $340 million at the low end of estimates. Certainly, lawsuits and further recalls could lead this figure to run higher. Sony’s announced price cut in Japan would also contribute an estimated $220 million to the company’s losses this year, on top of the losses that Sony already sustains on each console sold. Sony’s forecasts for the year estimated that they would earn $1.1 billion, so these losses in effect will cut Sony’s profits in half.

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Gallery: Analysts: Sony To Lose $560 Million On Battery Recall, PS3



r ps3 has not been work since jan.2008 and we got it in dec.2007 we trying to figure out what we can do or to see if theres a recall on the ps3 we would like to find out something so can u get in contact with me to follow me up on the ps3 thank u


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