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Tuesday April 18, 2006 1:09 pm

A Brief History of Kameo

KameoA combination review/retrospective of Kameo has been published on Siliconera; the review generally falls in line with the web consensus, getting an overall recommendation. Perhaps more interesting is the evolution of the game itself. Kameo was originally slated for the Nintendo Gamecube, and first made its appearance at E3 2001. A little over four years later, the game finally shipped for the Xbox 360. In between, the game underwent some fairly significant changes. Character designs were altered somewhat, and gameplay and combat styles received somewhat more dramatic modifications.

The review doesn’t discuss the repetitive nature of the game, but it feels like some of the character and combat changes were made to alleviate this. The different characters and control styles don’t always work out (see the water boss battle) but they did serve to break up the game into manageable chunks. It now feels like the segments spent as Kameo are the most repetitive and least interesting segments of the game,  and its possible that Rare’s attempts to shake up the combat and character design were attempts to mitigate this.

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