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Gear Live Giveaway: Tom Bihn Brain Bag

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  • What an awesome bag that would be for when I’m “War Walking” through the city in search of hot spots. It looks nice and strong, and probably won’t fall apart at the seams when I’m running from the cops :>P Not to mention its really peerrrrty.

    posted by: asagb · 4/4/05

  • I always carry my cell phone, my iRiver H320 Mp3 player, my laptop, and my digicam. Thats a lot of expensive stuff I’m always scared of it getting stolen.

    posted by: Reeb · 4/4/05

  • My laptop, iPod, Canon SD300, cell phone, Shure E3c, ummmm 😊

    posted by: Wolfeman · 4/4/05

  • Laptop(with mouse and everying…I hate touchpads)
    CDs and Games for the laptop 😛, My dell dj 15gb, cell phone…possibly a book or two for school, and all the random goodies you need to carry around(keys etc)
    Soon a PSP…

    posted by: Wyzt · 4/4/05

  • I carry my
    20Gig Ipod
    Sony PSP
    Cell Phone
    Few times a month my laptop or my digicam

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 4/4/05

  • I carry 1 shoe on 1 foot, a half stick of already chewed gum that I found somewhere, 3 plastic kellogs watchs, one right over the other, for 3 dimentia-nal time on my wrist. I wish they had batteries though. Oh yeah, and a coat with extra arm sleeves, 20 to be precise. If I had the bag, I can keep my dog in it so I dont lose him every day.

    posted by: albundyhere · 4/4/05

  • iPod
    Digi Cam, every so often.
    And other stuff, that’s not considered “gear”. Wallet, Keys, etc…
    Oh and Books for class. 😛

    posted by: illwon · 4/4/05

  • I always carry around my moto v600.  At school, I carry around my sony digi cam (p32, old i know), my ipod (gotta listen to the tunes), and my laptop (fujitsu lifebook s6000). On my keychain I have my sandisk 512mb cruzer micro, and in my backpack, i usually have a few cd-rs just in case i wanna make a new mp3 cd for the ride home, haha. Oh ya, I always have one of my fossil watches on, never leave home without a watch.

    posted by: Antman22 · 4/4/05

  • wow very cool and a neat idea for a givaway!

    As for me, most of my “have to have with me” items are all pocketable but the only thing is I only have so many pockets lol. Even having things as easy to carry as my cell phone get tough when you have 4+ things to carry 😊.

    Anyway, the things I usually try to bring with me are:

    - cell phone (sanyo)
    - ipod 20gb (of course)...along with my itrip for the car
    - my digi cam (sony cybershot dsc-t3)
    - lately my psp (and games which get in the way)
    - a case for my duo sticks (sony branded metal case, pretty cool btw)
    and other misc things like charging cables and such depending on where I am going and how long. I need a whole bag just for my ‘toys’ for long road trips and vacations lol.

    And hopefully eventually I can add a laptop to that list…though that would not be pocketable lol.

    posted by: Scilynt · 4/4/05

  • Well, I carry around my 20 iPod and my Cannon Powershot S50 with me at all times.  I’m a photographer for a school paper, so it comes in handy.  Also, sometimes, I carry around my Canon ZR5 (digital camcorder) with me.

    posted by: A-rob · 4/5/05

  • Well lets see here.  I’d love to have this brain bag so that I can carry my:
    1. Sony PSP anc Car Charger.
    2. Motorola V551
    3. Motorola Pager
    4. Laser Pointer
    5. Pocket Knife
    6. Drawing Pad and Ruler
    7. Several Discs
    8. Notepads
    9. Folders and Brochures

    I work in surgery, and so I have to carry tons of junk, and alway be prepared.  Plus the blue goes great with my srubs and Nike Shox.

    posted by: Oklahoma Jones · 4/11/05

  • What would I carry in it?

    1.  My Compaq Laptop
    2.  My iPod
    3.  My external DVD-Writer
    4.  My Dimage Z10 Digital Camera
    5.  Assorted Lens Filters, batteries, etc. for the camera
    6.  Wireless mouse, adapters and such for the laptop
    7.  Of course my cell phone

    posted by: Buddyroe333 · 4/11/05

  • I have my iPod w/ iTrip and Cell Phone with me. I also have a Jornada 568 PDA, but I hardly ever use it anymore ...

    posted by: sebring · 4/12/05

  • I have to have:

    My psp
    MP3 player creative zen extra 30 gig
    axim x5
    and for school I have to bring along the pocket printer

    posted by: magudaman · 4/12/05

  • laptop (CL56)
    ipod mini
    headphones (Sony MDR EX-51)
    cell phone (Samsung SGH 715)
    flash drive (SanDisk Cruzer Mini)
    wallet and keys

    posted by: joshuang · 4/12/05