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New Narc Game Lets You Try Out Drugs - Video Games

New Narc Game Lets You Try Out Drugs

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  • Great, I’m gonna have a crack addicted character with chapped lips who shakes…

    posted by: munkyxtc · 3/18/05

  • Why not just take those drugs in real life and then play the game? That sounds like it would be more fun to me. That would be like total virtual reality.

    They should ship the game out with a few acid tabs and some ground up percocet. That would be even cooler.

    posted by: asagb · 3/18/05

  • Why would pot change the speed of the game?  Anywhoo, looks pretty good.

    posted by: albundyhere · 3/18/05

  • intersting.. this looks pretty cool

    posted by: gohan_bcc1 · 3/20/05